Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet little memories…… and a life to live

It's true, nothing is everlasting. Those dreams once dreamed, those treasures of your lifetime, those prayers once asked for, those promises once made and those relations once bound up in- all these soon fade away. You walk of that door, but hope never dies out of you, sad eyes still linger around it.

Feelings have no boundaries. Those endured emotions heavy on heart flows on with tears when mementos really pinch you and touch you. Tears show how much you have wanted not to let go what you did earn out of love and care.

There are times when the one whom you adore the most isn't with you when you need him. You feel that you are going to chase those clouds of frustration away, but you never know while chasing those clouds you leave that someone to share your happiness with far away and miles apart from yourself. I guess these people come in our lives to steal away sadness and leave returning them, love them, loose them, realize their place in our loves and perhaps to miss them forever.

"Grief can take care of itself, but you need someone to share your happiness with". Is it true? May be may be not. But I need some one to share them both someone, a friend to be called as, I won't be asking my fried to walk with me life long, but would seek for faith that I'd find in that person. I don't need a promise, nor an assurance from anyone, but let faith emerge in me- reflecting that someone to be a friend for eternity. If it is real, friendship remains, in-erasable in its place no matter how far we proceed in life. People come and go but some leave in-erasable footsteps in our lives.

Life means to move on, and so do it. You can dream, make wish, desire, expect and sometimes when you can't help it out do even cry when dreams won't come true. Some lovely moments come in our lives, some good friends come in our way, but they aren't meant to be with us forever. But lets not forget sweet little memories are always there and a life to live.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dad, Haven't I grown up?

Its been a long period living with you dad, asking for each and everything thing I wished for and you've always fulfilled my desires. Each day I wake up and get my daily schedule done then yet again the similar old dialogue which I dislike saying "Dad I need some money". Life goes on, as those numerous years have passed by, dad you have upholded me for the whole thing every single second. Now let it be my turn. I sometimes feel sorry because I'm not able to do anything for you till this day. My conscience won't let me beg. So, "Dad please help me to earn not to beg". I know it's tough for you to say, "It's your time to earn a living".

Dad please don't misread me; I'm not going to mess up. I'll turn out to be an established one to watch out your requirements. You've carried out a lot for me and I sincerely adore you but now I'll do it on my own approach and it will be my turn.

Dad this time I had thought of writing something different but true but then again. I'd hate to say I've to make some printouts of these so "I want some money Dad".