Monday, May 14, 2012


It was just the nightmare for me. The dream that was momentary. When the cool misty days of my life appeared abruptly, my heart leapt up, my mind obsessed with tranquility but those days were ample to endure and the moments scrambled incessantly. In all those of plights and pleasure, I saw him staring at me as if he desired me to be solitude. Really, to be trusted is the greatest compliment than to be loved. Now, I'm utterly a despairable girl with nobody to follow me. The adversity is full of feasts in galore and I'm the single prodigy. I can never forget the deepest virtue of mine.

Mustering all those blandishment, I was left there in a corner absolutely solitude. When I behold the deepest virtue of mine, my hopeless heart began to wipeout the tears of my hopeless eyes. Now I' utterly despairable girl in the quest of happiness and help. All the worldly affairs are alien to me. Hope these rays of smug satisfaction will develop in me the new panoramic color of days to the eternity……..