Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dad, Haven't I grown up?

Its been a long period living with you dad, asking for each and everything thing I wished for and you've always fulfilled my desires. Each day I wake up and get my daily schedule done then yet again the similar old dialogue which I dislike saying "Dad I need some money". Life goes on, as those numerous years have passed by, dad you have upholded me for the whole thing every single second. Now let it be my turn. I sometimes feel sorry because I'm not able to do anything for you till this day. My conscience won't let me beg. So, "Dad please help me to earn not to beg". I know it's tough for you to say, "It's your time to earn a living".

Dad please don't misread me; I'm not going to mess up. I'll turn out to be an established one to watch out your requirements. You've carried out a lot for me and I sincerely adore you but now I'll do it on my own approach and it will be my turn.

Dad this time I had thought of writing something different but true but then again. I'd hate to say I've to make some printouts of these so "I want some money Dad".