Friday, May 22, 2009

A day at Book fair............

There are lots of students like me who would rather prefer learning things by watching. Reading books is like “not my cup of tea”. But this year I bought two books- “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray and “Sold” by Patricia McCormick. It was a visit to 13th annual Educational and Book fair organized at Bhrikuti Mandap, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu. It was my first time to any book fair so was pretty amazed and lil’ bit of confusion to see how people in this fast world of internet and technology still go for the slowest medium to learn things. It was a part of field reporting so obviously I have to observe the expo and report to my supervisor. During the observation I came across various types of books interesting, boring, funny, and serious but I didn’t find any of the books useless. From economics and technology to learn English and Nepali alphabets; every kind was well managed.

The most interesting part was that there was a sort of software running in the LCD monitor that teaches how to learn the alphabets and I could see some children following the voice “A for Apple, B for Ball”; I literally stood there for 20 minutes and got lost in my nursery days. It was so nice to see a new way of learning and I was wondering if we could already use these technologies during the first days of schooling. Another interesting part was the scientific approaches of students. There were vivid colleges to expo these scientific things (Ahh!!! May be I’m just poor at it and I hate science). I could see some young group involved in all these creative works and the most fascinating one was ‘Electrical Jaanto’. Jaanto is a traditional device to grind corn and it was manually run consuming lots of mechanical power and time as well. But this new one also runs manually but just to switch on the device and rest you just have to wait and watch how amazingly it works. I and my friends were watching that and our mouth were just uttering Wow!

For me this expo had certainly made a difference. The thing I used to call as “not my cup of tea”; I started drinking sip by sip and realized how amazing and how fascinating it actually is-BOOKS. I just finished reading this “Sold” by Patricia McCormick and could feel me getting into it(which I finished in a day). It’s really amazing book basically describes life of a hilly girl named Laxmi and her journey from her playing days in her own village to a brothel in Calcutta, India. If anyone interested to read it, without any hesitation you can contact me.