Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Youth for CHANGE

Load shedding, traffic jams, political instability, strikes, unemployment, and god knows what else. These are very few obstacles instance in our chores and every one of us directly or indirectly face it, talk about it and give the most unapplied suggestions. Nevertheless, when the question arises of overcoming it (ourselves)… every one of us goes blank. Then arises our usual habit- blaming; blaming the system, blaming the government. That is when we generally tend to forget to practice what we preach, “To change the world, first, one (we) should change.” Honestly answer, how many of us have tried to do it? How many of us worked for self-satisfaction rather than payment? Mind you, I am here talking about social changes.

If we sit for a discussion with any elderly people, they will not stop their radio of complaints about our generation and regard us as the lost ones in the world of fantasies. And somewhere inside even we feel so. This situation made me remind of my best friend’s line, “hope always exist and keep peeping your darkroom, you just need to identify the door and open up for a bright world.” My first day at one of the social organization, made me realize, though there are lost youths but even aware one takes higher percentage. I found myself among so many youths who in actual work for the satisfaction and smile when their job ultimately leads to widen the lips of those ‘in need’ ones. Youth initiative, SAATH, Haatemaalo, Nepal Plus, etc are few instances that I came across in these couple of months of my as a “social worker” days. Not with any bright dreams but just with a hope of simple social changes, these youths have involved themselves n sketched the path for a new world. I cannot assure about their potential for this nor I can measure it but no doubt, their enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication have seriously made it work out and proved their determination to bring about the changes in the existing unacceptable social and legal behavior ruling since decades.

Therefore, readers if you would also like to join hand in hand with these groups, we Media Studies Group would cordially invite you for your support and encouragement.

For further information contact: Sanchar Khabar

Upcoming Event: “Green Day”
Venue: Bhakundebesi
Day: 15th Ashad, 2066 B.S
Organizer: SAATH in collaboration with Kutumba and Music School
Aim: To plant 3000-4000 trees