Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dead flesh....

"You know what mom? You are the only mother in the world who binds her son's freedom."

" No, baby common. It's not like that."

The cold breeze ignites the coldness into her heart. Watching the deep blue river flowing in its own pace, and blinking those wet lashes, she recalls the last bitter exchange of words. "No" the only word she used and all that she got in return was a body- a body without soul, a dead flesh. A body that took almost nine months to get a new soul, creation of her own. A body created with a lifetime hope, a lifetime prayer and a lifetime wish.

Removing few strands of her hair from the white cheeks to her ear, she gives a corner stare to the hollow space, the space where people predict her son took the last breathe of his life. Recalling the pain of bringing him into this beautiful called world to the pain of separation with the only candle of her life, she is broken and scattered like glass that can never be mend, even if tried, the crack will show its presence. She is shattered of all those dreams build from his first sight to this world, from his first yawn, from his first talk and from his first walk.

She pulls her hair, she tugs her clothes. She screams as if those pebbles, those rocks, those trees and those leaves will send message to the creator to return the lost life. Those spherical drops dries out. Her throat dries out. Then the black and blank mind takes few steps to the same hollow space. She continues to stare at the black edged and deep earth that swallowed her son. With no conflict of words in mind except for the hope of meeting her son again, she shut down the door of vision and pushes herself into it. BANG!!! There comes the sound, there goes another body and there flies another soul. Just remain is another dead flesh.