Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Earning a living: a problem or a solution?

        TRIPTI DHUNGANA      
          Kathmandu, June 20

nemployment is one of the most talked and probably the most-faced issue of Nepal and its people. Many believe, political instability, fractured economic background and failed development projects are the key factors for raising the unemployment graph of our country. But can we blame the government alone? Where does public’s initiation stand in the graph?

We are used to complaining, it’s like complaining is in our blood. On top of being (deeply) lazy, we never stop pointing fingers towards the government and authorities. We usually have a great deal of expectation from the government’s side but what about our performance? What about creating job opportunities and earning living rather than demanding for it? Where the entrepreneurship quality does vanishes?

Numerous examples surround us that inspire us to stand in own feet. We definitely don’t need any international figures clearing our vision rather than the most unnoticed ones like glass-beads business people can be taken into account. With little investment and handful of earning, they are more than happy to earn their living. They believe if one has interest, enthusiasm, and commitment towards any of work shouldered on, these messed up surrounding situation will soon fade away. Their belief has proven its ground and shows light to many darkened-minded people.

Problem and solution- both roads are available, it’s us who need to decide on which way to steer up the accelerator. Stop complaining, start acting.

(The audio version for this article is available too.)